Popular Gmail App “Inbox” is Shutting Down

Google is about to kill another popular Email app that was introduced in 2014 by the company. Google Plus, a failed social platform by Google is shutting down on 2nd April while the Inbox app will also be killed on the same date. Inbox was introduced to handle a lot of emails on a daily basis and to create automated answers needed. Apart from that, it easily classifies emails into different categories and makes the whole process of checking efficient enough. It was gone very popular and was available with an invitation-only for the first time. But now with the introduction of AI technology, your device can hold up to 30k keystrokes and automatically suggests the best possible reply in short.

Inbox was doing the same thing before but as Google started introducing the same features on the regular Gmail account, the importance of having Inbox app has started becoming obsolete. Probably that’s why it was not receiving any update for the last six months and finally, Google announced to shut the app down in order to keep emailing simple and short through a single Gmail app. And with surprise, it’s going to be down with Google Plus on the same date, 2nd April. It will not do any harm because you already have all the emails in your Gmail account and now the new update of the Gmail app puts everything you need to migrate from the Inbox to Gmail easily, a whole new getup and interface.

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