PUBG Addiction! Employees & Students Misses Tasks & Attending Late

PUBG, the name is enough to reveal why it has touched the milestone that no other game could match up till now. Though it has been awarded as the best game of the year on Android, the rate of addiction is being reported from all corners of the country exponentially growing. A few new astonishing facts are coming up and these are real reasons for headache.

Many institutions have been reporting that students often bunk classes and play PUBG instead of doing other activities, even parents also reported PUBG addiction of their kids. As because it can be played via smartphone and it needs a decent data connection. Due to data revolution in India high-speed internet is available to most of the people in India and it helps in surging the addiction of this game.

PUBG is a very straightforward game where you along with 99 other players will be dropped in a deserted island where you need to find ammunition and kill other players in order to survive. This simple thing is getting bigger as millions of people around the world are playing the game every day.

In order to regulate the situations, China already suggested implementing a system where kids below 13 years will not be allowed to play the game. In India, some cities have also banned PUBG completely after a suicide case was reported where a kid killed himself while got refused for a smartphone for playing PUBG!

It’s not only in schools, according to a report many employees reported late office entry due to playing PUBG excessively. We have no idea where it will going to stop!

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