Spotify Crosses 1 Million Users in India

 montSpotify has closed the mark of getting one million users in the pocket just within a week of launch. It launched the app with a launch offer. On Tuesday, it has announced that the number of app users touched one million.  But all there are not from the premium section where users pay for the app. This number is a combined number of premium and free members.

Spotify has thrown challenges to all the existing music apps in India. These apps include Gaana, Saavn, Amazon Music and Apple music. Moreover, in order to catch new users across the country, it has included all the categories of regional music also. Right now, it’s offering more than crore songs.

Some music companies like WMG etc have moved to the Bombay High Court against Spotify claiming that it’s unauthorisedly using the license.

Well, as of now it’s available for all the platform- Android and iOS and Windows for desktop and laptops. Moreover, you can access a single account using a laptop, desktop, and mobile too. Though the app offers a limited no of music streaming for a day with the free version but in order to get a premium account, you need to spend Rs. 119 monthly.

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