Twitter Gets Dark Mode for iOS Devices

Every app is moving towards making the whole app more power efficient by getting a dark theme. Google has initiated that a few months ago and has already made YouTube and Gmail. Options are optional only. With a simple radio button, you can enable the dark mode on the respective app. It saves power and strains on your eyes. A few days ago, Facebook also enabled the same feature on its messenger app and over beta testing we have found that the similar is going to come on WhatsApp as well.

Twitter is getting the same now, Twitter has got a dark version but as of now it’s available on iOS devices only and hopefully within a few days Android version will also be released, though Google is appreciating the dark theme, Twitter’s move to making the iOS app dark may have a relation with upcoming iOS 13. Some batches of Android devices are also getting the update. If it has hit your devices, we suggest checking the “sound and display” option under the “Settings” menu provided in the app.

Though the iOS version is available to update Android version is getting dispatched in batches, we don’t know why it’s being done as there is no official statement on it.

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