Android Q System Updates Will Reach via Google Play

Google is working hard to revolutionize the way of pushing system update. Till now the companies push the update after it’s being pushed by the Android system to their servers. Android Q, the upcoming operating system of Google is going to change the horizon of pushing system updates timely.

A Reddit user claimed that he got a system update via Google Play while testing the Android Q beta version on his Android device. He has posted a screenshot on Reddit also. If the claim is true then getting security patches and system update will be in real time via Google servers this time. But for that you need to have Android Q on your device. Rooted devices may not be available to get the facility.

Android Q is going to be an exceptional update over the current Android Pie with 25% more efficiency and better RAM management. RAM management has been a major issue on maximum Android devices. If this new sensation is added up along with the other things then we may get a new windows and a new way to be introduced with the Android system. You can add yourself in the Android Q beta testing program and test this claim.

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