Google 3A & 3A XL Likely To Be Priced Sub 25k Range in India

Google has aimed to provide its Pixel series devices at a low rate in the developing countries. In order to get more penetration through its own devices, Google seems to be desperate to get maximum users onboard. Google 3A and 3A XL are likely to be launched in India in late May this year.

Google has imported a few sets for tests in India as all the smart devices need to be tested as per the guidelines laid by the respective countries where the device will be sold. That those sets have been priced roughly $300 in India but we don’t know whether the prices are MRP or just import cost. But one thing is sure that the devices will not be priced heavily.

Both the devices are lined up for launched and we are expecting that these will be launched at a price of sub 25k range in India. Basically, Google is trying to bridge the gap between the premium flagship and mid-range devices. That’s why they might have the price bracket in their minds as this price can attract both the segments simultaneously.

The devices have 12 MP primary camera and an 8 MP selfie camera while a Snapdragon 675 will power it up from the core while a 6 GB RAM pack supports its processing power to the fullest. These devices will be getting all the security and firmware updates on time.

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