Smart Gift Ideas for Your Tech Loving Teen in 2019

Buying gifts for teenagers is not an easy thing to do. They are so aware of what is cool and trendy and what isn’t. They are rapidly influenced by friends and changing fashions and it is very hard to keep up. And worse yet, if you give them something that is deep too last-year or uncool the looks of disdain and disappointment are hard to take. So, what to do that is not too risky, but also which demonstrates a degree of thought and consideration. Sticking some cash in an envelope might be well received, but it also doesn’t send a great message about the thought that you have put into the gift. If you find yourself looking to negotiate this difficult gifting process, here are a few ideas to help.

Smart Gift Ideas for Teens

Best Gift Ideas for Your Beloved Techie Teens

Play to their passions

There is hardly a teen in the world who isn’t either attached to a device or wanting to be attached to one. They love their phones or tablets and if it isn’t chatting on line via social media then it is watching YouTube, playing games or surfing the net. The options are endless and there is scarcely a teen anywhere who doesn’t love their device. So, help them to personalise their digital experience by gifting them a trendy cover or case for the device. A simple Google search for something like ‘buy iPad mini cases,’ will yield plenty of positive results with cases in all colours, in different textures and with different logos and messages. Find one that works for the teen in question and take it from there. The cases are interchangeable so even if they have one, there is no reason that they can’t have another one.

Google Play

How about a Google Play voucher? It doesn’t take a digital genius to know that Google is very powerful and that it is the gateway to a whole heap of entertainment and fun. It is much more than just a search engine and with a voucher from Google Play a teen can access movies, movies and games and generally use it as a means to entertain themselves for hours on end.

Get coding

If your teen is remotely interested in bridging the gap from technology consumer to technology creator, then do whatever you can to help. Not only is it a highly stimulating journey, but you are also opening up the path to potential career opportunities and even great wealth. The number of tech millionaires is climbing all the time with plenty of people getting wealthy on a daily basis on the back of creating games and applications for the extraordinary number of technology users. In order to get them moving into the creator space look at buying books on coding or digital design. Alternatively look and see what courses are available on line. There are lots of options and this might be something that you want to do in consultation with your teen. The area is broad but the focus for starting needs to be small. Make sure it lands on an area of interest for your gift recipient.

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