EC Requested Social Medias To Reduce Take Down Time For Curbing Fake News

All the social media organizations are working on tackling fake news to spread out. Facebook and WhatsApp have been working on this particular point for a couple of months. Election Commission of India has requested or you better can say ordered all the social media companies running in India to reduce to take downtime and to limit it within 2 hours ahead of an election in India.

It’s a tactical move to curb fake news swiftly. After requesting to take down any post or image by EC, social media companies will have only 2 hours to take the action. Ahead of the general election in India, EC seems to be very proactive to avoid the fake updates by the propagandists.

All the political parties are also very active to tackle the same thing. Due to fake news, there were a lot of issues raised in the USA and as the largest democracy in the world, India doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to make the election process smooth and to refrain public from getting hooked to any fake news and update.

There are many social media pages where the participating candidates spread their updates day by day and get people and fans engaged. Today, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms where billions of people get engaged in photo sharing. A simple auto comments Instagram tool can propel the whole process smooth and without any tension especially during the election process when it’s really impossible to reply to all the comments manually.

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