Google Plus Shuts Down

Google’s one and only networking site Google+ is shutting down and amidst this shutting down, profiles of Google’s top executives like Sundar Pichai, Sergey Brin, etc are off the shelves right now.

Google has taken the decision a few month’s ago and every user had been intimated about the shutdown and everyone had been requested to download their important documents like artworks and designs.

Many famous designers’ have their active Google Plus pages where they show off their designs and it works as a platform for showcasing your creativity.

Google has begun the process of deletion of the pages and Google Plus is not accessible right now though some pages are still visible.

if you have any Google Plus page and if you have not taken any backup then there’s nothing to do right now as the whole social network is inaccessible to the users. Better you can see whether your page is still active or not.

Take a detailed screenshot of your page save it somewhere else so that you can have an idea which things have been on the Google Plus page and you can plan your social marketing plan further accordingly.

Let us know your thought what you think about this shut down of one of the most popular social media network though Google Plus has not been a mainstream social media.

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