One Plus CEO Announced About One Plus 7 Features and Specs

One Plus 7 is coming in the market in the next month. CEO has announced that the upcoming One Plus device will be smoother than ever as well as faster than the previous and existing devices. It has been clearly mentioned that the upcoming device will provide a never happened experience to the users. He particularly announced that the smoothness matters a lot. It seems that it will have an optimized operating system. Somehow it seems that One Plus is arriving with some new features which may put a milestone.

Check the official Tweet by the CEO-

It especially emphasizes on the blend of hardware and software. It clearly indicates that an update of the software in knocking at the door. Oxygen OS may change some users’ experiences. The QHD display is something amazing, the colors will be more vivid and vibrant. Color contrast will be better than ever.

The set will appear with a triple camera set up at the rear part where a 48 MP primary shooter will be housed along with a 12 MP wide angled cam and 5 MP depth sensor. The selfie cam will have a motorized system to slide up the camera up so there will be no notch for sure. Stay tuned for more update.

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