One Plus To Launch Electric Wrapcar Soon!

Well, One Plus is redefining its limits. We all know how good this company is when it comes to smartphone manufacturing. One plus was called flagship killer even before a few years ago. Slowly it has raised its own fanbase and established its position releasing one after another quality device in the Global market.

Even, everyday experts are looking for new things that are going to be the part of its upcoming device, One Plus 7! But surprising everyone, One Plus reveals that it has been working on an electric car! Yes, it’s going to be a reality in the near future that we will be driving an electric wrap car soon. This is not a rumor, from the company’s official Twitter handle, it has been announced.

The car is going to be designed via 3D printers and can be controlled via One Plus 6T devices instead of steering! It will block all the incoming calls and messages that can divert your mind while driving.

Additionally, it claims astonishing fact, a 20 mins charge can fuel the car for your day long driving. It has mentioned a few things, if you are not taller than 5.8 feet then you can easily drive it otherwise you may have to adjust the seat!

Let us know your take on this sudden announcement from One Plus. If you are a One Plus fan then also let us know how you are expecting this car which is designed like a supercar to some extents to provide the rich driving experience.

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