Apple Offers $1 Million For Bug Bounty Reward

Apple has made a milestone by inviting all white hat hackers to find flaws in Mac and iPhone and has offered a massive reward amount for finding potential bugs in these two operating system. And the amount is up to whopping $1 million! Bug bounty program is very popular in the tech industry and offers various prize money against finding a potential bug and for reporting that to the company.

Companies like Google, Microsoft etc runs bug bounty programs and provide monetary reward against the findings but there has been no such program for Apple’s iOS and Mac. Even many experts denied providing information about any bug or flaw as there has been no bounty program for doing so.

But breaking the jail of conventionality, Apple has stepped into a new competitive world and has announced that it would reward every bug hunter and the amount can be up to $1 million! As per our hope, many white hat hackers will now provide various bugs reports to the company and will grab the reward amount.

Apple’s operating systems, Mac and iOS are known for their security features and that’s why people use these devices but what if a big flaw in security comes up! That’s why like every company, Apple has also invited the bug hunters and inspired to report bugs against a hefty reward amount!

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