Samsung Promises To Launch Exynos 9825 Prior Note 10

Samsung is going to launch its latest Exynos 9825 even before the release of its flagship Note 10! Though there’s no major improvement in terms of speed and processing power, it got a slight improvement in terms of RAM management and heat precipitation instead. We all thought that Samsung would launch this processor along with the launch of its flagship tablet series’ latest device, Note 10.

In terms of features and specs, all the things are same to same with the Exynos 9820 which is the latest processor by Exynos in the market right now while having a slight improvement on some parts especially in uniform heat precipitation system and RAM management during multitasking.

Samsung is planning to launch its new Note 10 device in September worldwide and we expected the processor to come on the same day as the launch day is closing by.

Surprisingly Samsung officially announced that it would release the processor before the launch of Note. There’s a high possibility of having this SoC in that device as the processor is going to be launched before the device so that the customers can know about the processor and all the potential users will be aware of the features of the processor!

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