Worried About Your Child Going on a Solo Trip? Here’s How A GPS Tracker Can help

Security is the most crucial aspect when it comes to your child going on a solo trip. We know you would do everything to ensure their safety and well-being. You will probably worry yourself sick or call them up time and again. However, with the help of a GPS tracker in India, you can know their whereabouts at all times.  

There are a lot of GPS trackers in India available for the same purpose, but the one that gives you multiple benefits is KENT CamEye. With advanced features and next-gen car camera technology, it not only provides you with GPS tracking, its advanced features can also help you keep your children under your watch. This will enable you to enjoy peace of mind at home while your child makes his or her memories.  

Some of the ways in which a GPS tracker in India can help in ensuring your child’s safety are:

  • Keeping Track

GPS trackers in India are becoming popular as they can help you find out real-time locations of the vehicle, even sitting miles away. When your child is going out on a solo trip, you might want to keep track of where they have reached, and how far they are from the destination. 

This technologically advanced, next-gen device will keep you informed of their location, putting all your worries to rest. 

  1. Providing Emergency Support

You would definitely want to stay informed in case your child meets with an emergency. A device like the one mentioned above comes with an in-built dash camera. It allows you to keep a check on your child while they are driving the car by giving you a view of both inside and outside the car. This way, if your child gets stuck or meets with an accident, you’ll be able to provide emergency assistance in whatever way possible. 

  • Get Real-Time Alerts 

As a parent, you have a lot of pain points, such as your teen’s rash driving, over-speeding, going out of reach, and much more. When they are going for a solo trip, you must get one of the GPS trackers in India that gives you AI-based alerts for such instances. The alerts will be sent on your configured mobile phone when your kid’s vehicle exceeds the set speed limit or goes out of the designated area. It becomes your responsibility to ensure that your teen does not get penalized or puts his/her life in danger. 

  1. Stay Connected 

When your child is on a solo trip and doesn’t answer your calls, you might assume that something is wrong and stress about it. In such a case, you can connect with them directly without any worries through a modern GPS tracker with dash cam. A reliable GPS tracker in India like the one mentioned above comes with a two-way communication feature. You can communicate easily with your child through the device. This unique feature will help you connect with them and remain at peace while your kids are busy enjoying the trip.  

Driving a car is a stepping stone in every teen’s life. They wait to be eighteen so that they can enjoy going driving on their own. However, as a parent, you will always have concerns when they’re driving. With a next-generation GPS tracker in India like KENT-CamEye that comes with  cutting-edge features like cloud storage and AI-based smart alerts, you can rest assured of their safety. It comes with a 4G enabled sim that uploads real-time data on the cloud. It is easily accessible and can identify people sitting in the car through face recognition technology. In the case of a poor internet connection, the 8GB internal back up comes into play.  The device will help you keep an eye on your child and be worry-free. So, book a demo and install the best GPS tracker in India right away!

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