iPhone 8’s Advanced Facial Recognition Feature Could Go Beyond Security

Amidst swirling rumors that have gone as far as speculating over what could be the iPhone 9 even before its predecessor has managed to see the light of day, a new leak has turned up to shine the light on a possible new feature of Apple‘s upcoming anniversary edition smartphone. The new image that focuses specifically on the top front part of the device comes shortly after iPhone 8’s dummy models were leaked recently.

iPhone 8

If you’re wondering what the new leak holds, it perhaps confirms one of the most intriguing features that is said to come in with the iPhone 8. As is already known, the iPhone 8 has long been rumored to come with a brand new facial recognition feature which may be useful in unlocking the smartphone and more. The new leak that has surfaced showcases the iPhone 8’s front glass part at the top where one can clearly see the presence of a few extra circular placements that have not been seen on the iPhones released so far. In fact, there are three of these to be exact.

After the leak appeared yesterday on SlashLeaks, sources were quick to start analyzing it. While it is most obvious to think that they have something to do with the camera, BGR points out the significance of the leaked feature in more detail. It is no secret that Apple has been acquiring a number of booming tech startups over the last couple of years. One of those Israeli startup RealFace, specializes in facial recognition technology.

There is no hard and fast proof to corroborate this, but it might be possible that the additional cutouts seen in the new leaks relate to a new type of camera technology that will be useful for the new face recognition system that will be brought into the iPhone 8. But that’s not all, as the reports also points out Apple’s acquisition of FaceShift, which specializes in real-time motion capture technology. So the leak may also be a pointer towards the rumored tech that will let users make some interesting customizations while playing a game in the upcoming smartphone.

Now let’s wait and see how many of these actually end up materializing.

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