How to Hide “Last Seen” Feature in WhatsApp

Now-a-days we all are privacy concerned. By keeping in mind the privacy issue WhatsApp already introduced the option for hiding “last seen” feature in their new update. We wanted to have the update where we can manage who can see our last read. Sometimes the “last seen” feature leads various problems, especially when you want to stay hidden in terms of WhatsApp activity. Now come to the point, How to hide “last seen” feature in WhatsApp??

How to disable "Last Seen" feature in your WhatsApp account

Let’s come to the direct answer of “How to hide last seen a feature in WhatsAapp”.  
If you have the updated WhatsApp, then you can proceed through as below mentioned but if you don’t have it, then update it from Google Play Store.  
First Step: Log in into your WhatsApp account. Tap on the upper right corner for “settings”.
Second Step: Once you found the “Settings”, tap on it. You can see the “account” there.
Third Step: Found “Account”? Tap on it and you will be sent to a new page. On the top of the new page, “Privacy” option will be seen.
Fourth Step: Tap on the “Privacy” option, then you can see the option of “Last seen”, tap on that, you will be shown a pop-up menu with three options- “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, “Nobody”. Tap on your choice.

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That’s all. You can now stay hidden according to your choice and you “last seen” feature will be disappeared from your text reader’s WhatsApp. They will never know whether you have read the text send to them or not. So, this is the whole process of “How to hide last seen a feature from your WhatsApp account”.  

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