Adieu Internet Explorer as Microsoft to Stop Support The Web Browser

Remember the first time we saw a 4 by 4 box named Computer  and a vast world inside it which was called as Internet Explorer. Thus here comes a disheartening news from technology giant Microsoft . They are opting out of Internet Explorer . Yes! you read it right . Here comes the End of Internet Explorer.

Words from Microsoft has come that they won’t work on the Internet Explorer any more. Though the company has launched Windows 10 and Windows Edge, but further they are not going to solve or resolve any kind of issues regarding the Explorer. They further added that only the latest version which is Windows Edge will be given customer support and security issues related problems which will automatically bring the former versions of Internet Explorer to an End.

End of Internet Explorer

According to Microsoft, The latest version of Internet Explorer is more compatible , have great performance and comes with nil security related problems.They also stated that it will match today’s generation internet standards.

It was also overwhelmed by the performance of the recent software as 200 million people are using its Windows 10 software and conveyed the world to use it more so that they might touch the 1 Billion mark.

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The American multinational technology company Microsoft was started by Bill Gates in April, 1975, selling BASIC Interpreters for Altair 8800. Gradually, they dominated the personal computers with their operating system MS-DOS. In the year 1995 they introduces Windows 95 and before that it was Microsoft Office.

As the years passed by they felt the loss of marketing Windows Vista which was not at all user- friendly. After this great loss they introduced Windows 7, 8, and 10. Reasons may be one or many but this was the decision taken by Microsoft to End the Internet Explorer.

Microsoft is heading toward laptops, Smartphones, Tablets,etc.. as the PC’s which have the previous versions of Explorer are quite old.

In Windows 10 the Start button is quite similar to Windows 7 where as the other features resembles Windows 8. Microsoft executive, Joe Belfiore,  Windows design and evolution , said that users will not have to learn a new method to operate. It will both be compatible for normal and touch screen users.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, said that the company is overjoyed by the response and will continue work on new softwares which would help the users to switch on from keyboard to touch screens. He also added that bringing an end to the Internet Explorer was a decision made because of vast future analysis.

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