OPPO VOOC, A Superfast Way To Charge Your Smartphone

Again Chinese smartphone makes a headline in ongoing MWC 2016. Apart from it awesome image stabilizing technology, it introduced all new way to charge smartphone quickly! Using a very low voltage pulse charging system it did the tweak- A new algo for current regulations. Oppo released it for its own devices where customized batteries have been put.

oppo quick charge

The charger, adapter and connector have been upgraded with better quality plastic and cable. What’s the result? You can charge a battery of 2500 mAh in just 15 minutes! Quick charging technology has been changing drastically and getting upgraded day by day. After Qualcomm’s quick charging technology, it’s turn for Oppo.

How Oppo managed to build something that can charge in a monstrous speed? The secret lies on its low voltage charging technology. This thing resolves many other issues like over heating during fast charging. It’s compatible with Micro USB and latest USB Type C both.

Though we know that numerous rumors are rounding up in air when it comes to discuss on quick charging and many of them are far away from practical field. Oppo’s new claim in MWC 2016, will be introduced in late 2016 though there is no confirmation of month or with which series it will be going to be launched.

Oppo confirmed that the super fast charging technology has reached in the final stage of implementation and very soon it will be there in the phones of Oppo.

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