Sony Announces Xperia X with Incredible Predictive Auto Focus Camera

No it’s not Xperia Z5 tablet that Sony unveiled at MWC 2016 and instead of that the Japanese company surprisingly decided to take on the mid-range Smartphone market with the whole new series of it dubbed as “Sony Xperia X Series”. The three new range Smartphones of Sony named Xperia XA, Xperia X Performance and Sony Xperia X have been unveiled by Sony at MWC 2016. Comparing to the flagships of Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, One Plus; the Z series of Sony has failed to gain the attention across the world, so unveiling the new X series may just be Sony’s flipside approach to stay strong in this competitive market of Smartphones. Let’s have a look at the Sony Xperia X and find out if it is worthy enough to join the rat race.

Sony Xperia X Features: Aspects That Sony is Focusing on

Good battery life always attracts the Smartphone users all over the world, undoubtedly Sony has aimed attention at it with adapting charging technology of Qnovo. However, to use the Qnovo’s technology users must upgrade to it, otherwise the X series comes with smart battery management system of Sony, which has the ability to provide two days of battery life. Sony Xperia X features are looking interesting already and other two aspects that the Japanese Smartphone company always good at are design and image quality. Xperia X features predictive auto-focus, which will help the users to focus and shoot moving objects and will tell you where to focus while doing it. Now this is something that will really help to Sony to gain the attention back. When it comes to design, it looks almost the same as Z series Smartphone. The continuous rounded frame of it features snaky glass display and because of the frame it will surely feel comfortable in the hand, according to the Sony Official.

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Features of Sony Xperia X that Make It the Alluring One

  • Qnovo’s adaptive charging tech, which really speeds up the time of charging without making any bad effect in terms of battery life. The company has been researching on the technology of Battery charging enhancement since 2010 and has recently been funded by Intel Capital.
  • The predictive auto focus feature of Sony Xperia X and other variation of the X series is already giving the come-on feel to the Smartphone users.
  • The design is always attractive when it comes to Sony Smartphone.
  • Smart battery management system is another thing, which promised to take away the concern regarding the battery life of a Smartphone.

Sony Xperia X Specifications

The standard X version of Sony’s new Xperia X series comes with 5 inch Display with 1080p. A battery of 2620mAh powers it up, while the new Snapdragon 650 processor will help it to make tracks. When it comes to camera, Sony Xperia X features 13 Mega-Pixels front and 23 mega-pixels primary camera. The rear camera comes with the interesting algorithm that we earlier mentioned will help the users to shoot moving object flawlessly. Overall, Xperia X Specifications look better and inviting.

Specifications of Sony Xperia X

  • Snapdragon 650 processor
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 32 GB Storage
  • 2620mAh Battery
  • 13 MP front camera with capability of 6400ISO (Quite Incredible)
  • 23 MP Primary Camera with predictive auto-focus feature (Stunning you know)

Sony Xperia X Release Date

According to the officials of Sony, the phone will take at least four months from now to be available for buying. The all three variations of Xperia X series is scheduled to come out at the summer of 2016. By then we will definitely see a brand new android platform at the Google I/O. Well the time will speak for Sony if they can get a hold of the Smartphone market worldwide. Well, they didn’t mention any actual Sony Xperia X release date at the time of announcement.

Sony Xperia X Price

The features and specifications of Xperia X and X performance is quite similar, comparing to these two Xperia XA has low end specs. As Sony mentioned that these phones are going to be the company’s new mid range Smartphone, the Sony Xperia X Price is expected to be around $400 (Approx 25000 INR).

Wrap Up

Definitely mid-range feature set is becoming the new trend among smartphone users, and this strategy of Sony releasing whole new series of mid-range smartphone with some inviting features may just be the turning point for the Japanese company. The great Smartphone aren’t always the most expensive one and Sony Xperia X Features, specifications, price meeting the fact on paper. Let’s see how it performs after actual release.

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