Android N Developer preview

There have been many assumptions made regarding the probable features of Android N. This is going to be the version of Android OS next to Marshmallow. This means that this version is the seventh version of Android. Previously we had informed you about everything you need to know about the upcoming Android N. though much of it was based on assumption, this time, the features have been revealed officially by the company. The companies creating apps for Android OS have already started working on the same. But, even then, there are many more people who actually are interested in gaining a basic knowledge about the latest happenings in the tech sector. So, for those who are looking forward to the features of the upcoming version of Android, here we present the preview of the Android N as revealed by the company.

Android N features

The biggest and most important change that the Android OS on its next version is going to have is that there will be a split screen feature. There are some phones which provide the multitasking facility. But this time the OS itself is bringing that feature into trend. So now on, every user of Android N, irrespective of the phone, will be able to use this feature. Not only the new phones which will be launched with this version of the OS, but also the phones which are upgradable, will be having this facility once this OS is launched. So, multitasking is going to be easier. This, will not only let the user enjoy two apps simultaneously on one screen but also the user can draw a dividing line between the two by himself, in order to resize the total thing according to his ease.

One more upgraded feature is that it allows the users to react to the notifications of the app directly. So now, on receiving the notifications from the apps in use, one does not need to open the app separately. He can take action right from the notification that has appeared on the screen. Google says, “When a user replies via keyboard, the system attaches the text response to the intent you had specified for the notification action and sends the intent to your handheld app”.

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As far as the notification reception is concerned, there is a feature called ‘bundled notification’. This actually, groups up the notifications of one app in a bundle. For instance, if two apps are in use simultaneously, then there will be two bundles, one of each app. The notifications for one app will not appear separately on your phone. So that makes a comfort when it comes to reacting to the notifications received. It becomes easier for us to access the app directly from the notifications. However, if a user wants, he can split the groups into notifications again with a two fingers gesture. So the user has both the options open at his hand.

Android N Developer preview

Google has also added a RAM saving feature. Regarding this the company has said that, “Also, we’re continuing to invest in Project Svelte, an effort to reduce the memory needs of Android so that it can run on a much broader range of devices, in N by making background work more efficient”. This attempt, called Project Svelte, as per the claims of Google, is going to save a lot of memory space when apps are on a run. This actually aims at optimizing the app usage which runs at the background. It sdaves both the battery and the RAM.

One more area that Google has touched in the new version of Android is the quick settings. We all know that the quick settings portion is a very important part of any Android based Smartphone. In the quick settings mode more rooms have been added. So this is clear that the company has paid importance and focused on the ease and comfort of the users. Till now, there used be a limited number of options available at the quick settings mode, but now on the need to open the Settings option will be reduced. One more added feature into the quick settings mode is that users can now drag and drop the things that they want to be present inside the quick settings tile. One can use this feature for both adding and removing things from the rooms of quick settings mode.

Android N Developer preview

For the users of the Smart TVs, which run on the Android OS, there is great news from the makers. The Android TV sets can be connected to the Android N mobiles and the bridge that was created has been enhanced by the feature that one can record or sync data of the television directly into the Android N devices. This lets the users view the recorded television programs even on the mobile or any device which runs on Android N.

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Next comes, the area where Android N is probably on the way of giving competition to iOS. The area is security. The security system of Apple was believed to be something beyond and doubts. Now Android is coming up with such modifications in its security system, that might be a threat to that of iOS. When the phone is put on work mode, the apps which are being used will require a distinct password or fingerprint to unlock. The company also made sure that the work apps require a distinct VPN to be accessed.  So even if the work profile is turned off, the work mode apps will be safe and secured. So now that’s where the iOS might face a challenge.

Many more small changes are going to come up with the new version. Firstly, the Android N version will enhance and the experience of using bilingual features. The Android N will also show a support to the screening of incoming calls from the inbuilt apps of the phone. Google regarding this had added, “With Android’s Jack compiler, you can now use many popular Java 8 language features, including lambdas and more, on Android versions as far back as Gingerbread”. A new thing about rebooting has been introduced, and that is, the important messages and notifications, along with the registered alarms, etc will continue to remain activated even while rebooting. So, if the user needs to reboot the device and then he won’t have to worry about receiving important notifications or anything of that sort.

Wrap Up

Google has introduced this version on a preview basis on some of the Nexus models. So the users of the compatible Google Nexus, which are can check out the developer preview of the Android N from here. We, along with the users of Android, keep a high level of expectations from Google regarding the features of the new version of Android OS. For more updates stay in touch with Techvicity.  

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