Facebook Unveils 360-degree Video Camera and More

Facebook unveiled a prototype-design of a high-end video camera and a couple of other cool stuffs like a chatbots for its Messenger service at their annual F8 developer conference. These are part of Facebook’s 10 year roadmap down the line.


Following the conference, Zuckerberg write on his Facebook page, “Over the long run, we’re building planes and satellites to connect everyone to the internet; artificial intelligence to help us interact with services more easily; and virtual reality to help us experience the world in a totally new way. I’ve always believed that giving more people a voice makes the world a better place, and I’m excited about the future we’re all building together.”

During the conference, the first thing the company introduced was the all new Chatbots for Facebook Messenger app. What the Chatbots does is it helps businesses to connect with the users and users too can connect with companies for various kinds of services like booking flight tickets, making reservations, talking to the bank etc via direct messaging facility. David Marcus, Facebook Messenger’s Head explained in his blog that the, “Messenger Send / Receive API will support not only sending and receiving text, but also images and interactive rich bubbles containing multiple calls-to-action.”

Mark Zuckerberg

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Mark announced that the company is giving businesses and developers full access to documents that are gonna enable them to build bots for Messenger. However Facebook promises to follow strict policies when it comes to dealing with developers and businesses and are going to follow the preview processes thoroughly.

A couple of new features in the Messenger includes opening threads, messages sent via the Messenger instead of SMSing. Mark said that as many as 30 companies, including CNN, eBay, Burger King and Bank of America. have already signed up to use Chatbots on Messenger. Zuckerberg said, “We think you should just be able to message a business the same way that you message a friend.”

Apart from these Facebook is also looking opportunity to send sponsored messages. To be clear Marcus informed, messages will be sent of the companies that the users are connect with or are existing customers of. Also there’ll be options for the users to block future messages from a business at any time.

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As for the 3D-360 camera system, they’ve named it Facebook Surround 360. It produces high quality spherical footage in 3D using a technology that marries videos from 17 cameras. Also, note that Facebook supports 360 video viewing. Besides these the company announced an all new Profile Expressions Kit which facilitates users to create personality-infused, fun profile videos.

Interestingly, in the conference, Zuckerberg took a dig at Donald Trump of the Republican who’s a presidential front-runner this year, saying, “As I look around the world, I’m starting to see people and nations turning inward,” Zuckerberg said. “I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as ‘others.’ I hear them calling for blocking free expression, for slowing immigration, for reducing trade, and in some cases even for cutting access to the Internet.”

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