How to Play Facebook Messenger’s Secret Basketball Game

Sick of the Candy Crush requests on Facebook? Don’t worry now people will have an all new update from Facebook to annoy you. This time Facebook has launched a new hidden game that you can play on Facebook Messenger. It is nothing but a secret basketball game. The concept is just to celebrate the basketball’s March Madness tournament. However, in order to enjoy this tournament one should have the latest version of Facebook Messenger. And to know how to play this game, just go through the following steps.

Messenger basketball game

Steps to play Secret Basketball on Facebook Messenger

  1. Send the basketball emoji to your friend.
  2. Long press the emoji on your screen
  3. This will transform the conversation to a basketball game
  4. Now you are ready to play the basketball game
  5. Drop the ball into the basket
  6. As you reach higher scores, the basket will start moving across your screen that will make the game harder for you. This starts happening as soon as you hit 10 in a row.
  7. That’s it. Now you are a basketball expert


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Here is the video of the basketball game on Facebook Messenger

So that’s the way to get rid og boredom and your boring friends. Sometimes when you don’t have people to chat on the app, a game like this comes as a blessing. College basketball’s craze is completely something different. It is something that can’t be paralleled with anything else. So just to enhance this fever, Facebook has this new added feature. This is probably the best way to get rid of the other game requests on Facebook or rather the better way to annoy your boring friends.

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