iOS 10.3 Beta Made Available To Devlopers; Sports ‘Find My Airpods’ Feature

iOS 11 is slated to hit the floors sometime later this year but before that, Cupertino-based tech giants Apple have rolled out the beta version of the latest update of the iOS 10 versions.

The iOS 10.3 beta 1 which the company made available to developers sports a number of significant upgrades from its previous adding the ability for Apple‘s AI assistant Siri to show live scores from Indian Premier League (IPL) and International Cricket Council (ICC) cricket matches, apart from answering other queries. The digital assistant will give you real-time ball-by-ball update of the most popular game format in India, a handy feature for all cricket fans in the country. Also, questions asked to the AI assistant pertaining to the tournament scores and rankings will also be answered by Siri along with match schedule and player rosters.

iOS 10.3 beta will enable Siri to answer question pertaining to the Indian Premier League.

The Settings app also gets a new interface, with your profile taking the top space. The profile menu has your photo, name, and all the important details required for you to glance in one shot. Another major upgrade which the iOS 10.3 beta slated to sport is the ‘Find My Airpods’ function. Apple rolled out their premium earbuds in September 2016 along with the iPhone 7 variants and with the premium offering from Apple receiving quite a substantial amount of negative response owing to low repairability, sales for the Airpods haven’t been skyrocketing.

The new iOS update brings in the Find My Airpods feature which helps you recover your misplaced Apple AirPods.

Anyway, the new function rolled out in the iOS 10.3 beta means that you can search for the AirPods from the app, as long as they are within Bluetooth range of any of your iOS devices signed into iCloud. Because of the limited range, it isn’t as efficient as Find My iPhone range, but it’s still handy if you lose your AirPods somewhere in your close vicinity. You also have the option of looking for the pair of AirPods or just one of them. The AirPods will start emitting a loud sound revealing where it has been misplaced or the on-screen map will correctly direct you to the buds.

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