Crackdown 3 Is About To Get A Big Announcement Soon

Microsoft and Reagent Games have some big news to share about Crackdown 3, as the newest announcement on the upcoming game’s Twitter handle indicates.

Crackdown 3 has been in active development since 2014 and the developers had originally intended it for release sometime in 2016. Not only has that been delayed to an indefinite time in 2017, but the last few months have been devoid of any substantial updates. But while the latest update does not carry any information per se, it does promise some significant reveals in the near future. As for when we can expect them to come, the creators’ statement that the “coming months” will be of significance seems to hint that E3 2017 might be the platform.

In the past too, Microsoft has made good use of their E3 exclusive events by announcing significant projects. Last year saw the tech giant with a large presence in gaming announce the much-awaited Xbox Project Scorpio. Details about the upcoming console are few and far between, but the event scheduled for April 6 (tomorrow, that is) might unveil some important details. That also makes us wonder if they would have something to share about Crackdown 3 as well.

There is a lot to look forward to from the upcoming action-adventure video game. Microsoft is building Crackdown 3 as an open world title like its predecessors, but an Azure-powered cloud-based technology means that when playing online, you can utilize the game’s fully destructible environment. Game director and Reagent Games head David Jones has pointed out the strategic importance of this technique, as it will open up a lot of different ways to advance in terms of gameplay. However, the fully destructible environment will be supported during online play only, while playing offline will only let you make partial use of it.

As for when we can expect the new game to release, we don’t quite know yet. But we have a feeling we are about to find out soon.

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