Unknown LG Smartphones Spotted on FCC With Android Nougat

LG is one of the leading smartphone developers which can be noticed in the headlines frequently these days. And this time it is because of the two new smartphones which have been spotted in the certifying websites from the South Korean smartphone developers.

The two devices which have been spotted on Federal Communications Commission (FCC) come with the model numbers LG – M700V and LG – M700N. It is believed that the two models are two different models of the same smartphone although there is no word on that from any sector. It worth mentioning that the two weeks back we had spotted another LG smartphone with the model number LG-M700H.

LG M700V LG M700N FCC Certification
A couple of new smartphones from LG have been spotted receiving FCC certification

Regarding the features of the two smartphones from LG which have been spotted on FCC, there is nothing much to talk about. This is because FCC certification of a smartphone generally does not reveal too much of information regarding the features of a smartphone. And there isn’t any exception this time round as well. One of the few things which have come to the fore is that both the handsets from the South Korean tech company will be supportive of the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi bands. And reportedly both will perhaps be the mid-range smartphones of the brand.

Along with that, it has also been revealed that both LG – M700V and LG – M700N are going to run on the Android Nougat operating system. Further updates regarding the specs and features of the two smartphones which have been spotted online are bound to come in the upcoming days. So stay tuned to get all the updates.

The same goes with the release date of the two smartphones. There has been no word on the release date and it is expected that LG will come up with some sort of an update on that. The FCC certification hints that the handset will be launched soon and so further update is on our way certainly. So keep your eyes on this thread for all those.

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