HTC U12 Concept Surfaces With Snapdragon 845 and Stunning 4K Display

HTC has a hard act to follow up to the beautifully designed and masterfully crafted HTC U11, the sapphire blue variant of which was released today. While the HTC U11 has been setting records and has been selling faster than its predecessors like the HTC M9 and HTC 10, a new render has already surfaced of the supposed successor, the HTC U12. It shows off a lot of very interesting features.

The render of the U12 was first showcased here. The first thing that attracts our attention is the fact that the new HTC U12, if that is what it will be ultimately called, does not share too many design features with the preceding devices. Be it the camera placement areas, or the overall design, there are not too many areas of similarities.

The new HTC U12

HTC U12 Concept: What We Learned

From what we saw, the new HTC U12 may likely have a 5.7-inch with a display very similar to the Infinity Display we see on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the upcoming Note 8, the last of which may have a different type of Infinity Display. With a 4K display on board, the new HTC U12 will also have a stunning display clarity as well.

The bezels on the new device are extremely thin, both the top and the bottom ones. The top bezel also manages to fit in an earpiece while dual 16MP cameras can be seen on the left. The only function of the bottom bezel seems to be an HTC logo-holder.

HTC U12 bottom
The front bottom portion

We also learnt that the rear of the new device is made of metal, following many flagship offerings of other companies, and not reflective glass that we currently see on the U11 as well as the U Ultra. We also saw two vertically arranged rear cameras with a dual LED Flash to the right.

HTC U12 Top
HTC U12: Top end of the front side

One last thing: since there is no visible fingerprint scanner, Qualcomm’s under-display scanner may just find its place on the new HTC U12. Other features of the device may include the Snapdragon 845 processor, with 6GB of RAM, as well as 128GB of internal storage. Check out the photos of the new device from various angles and let us know what you think.

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