OPPO A77 May Launch in Two Variants

Days after we brought you the features and specs of OPPO‘s new A77 series, we have today learned that the new device will likely launch in two variants. A recently leaked poster has indicated this and we believe that both the models will be as successful as all of OPPO’s previous phones. The poster shows off two OPPO A77 devices, one with black and one with gold colors. The poster also suggests that not only are the colors different, they may point towards two different variants altogether.

The leaked poster of the OPPO A77. Image via

We believe that the phone with the gold rear color will likely come with a white color front and the one with the black front may end up having an all-black body, leaving us with two good-looking devices as well. Besides the obvious information we get on the color, we also seem to be getting some new light on the external form factor as well. For example, we can clearly see that the volume rocker is on the left-hand side of the device while the power point is found on the right. Also, the fingerprint scanner can be found below the device’s display. Also, the rear camera and flash assembly are located on the upper left-hand part of the rear panel.

OPPO A77 Specs and Features

The OPPO A77 will have decent, if not spectacular, features. Expect it to arrive with a headphone jack as well, which is different from the jack-less approach taken by many manufacturers this year. There will also be a microUSB port for charging and data transfer, and both the ports will be located on the bottom of the device. Also, the new devices will have a 5.5-inch Full HD display, besides 4GB of RAM coupled with 64GB of internal flash storage. It is likely that the new OPPO A77 will have the enormously powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, which will also be very energy efficient as well. Read more on the features here.

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