Samsung Galaxy Note 8 May Have A Larger-Than-Expected Top Bezel, Case Leaks Reveal

After we brought you news about the release date of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and also reported that the new phablet from the South Korean giant would have a dual edged curved display, we bring you a piece of news which might be surprising: the new device may retain the top bezel after all. The bezels are all but gone in the Samsung Galaxy S8 devices and it was expected that the phablet would follow suit. However, there seems to have been a departure.

Galaxy Note 8
The leaked render of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Many device manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung, have given the bezels a miss this season. Previous reports had suggested that given the ‘Infinity Display’ feature of the phablet, it too would lack the top and bottom bezels. However, a newly leaked render from case maker Nillkin shows off a sizeable top bezel, with the bottom bezel being a lot thinner, but still present.

There may be two aspects to this story: either Nillkin has got the design wrong. Alternatively, this is how the new phablet might really look like. While we are not sure which reason might be behind the top bezel staying back, it might be due to a new variety of the ‘Infinity Display’ being on the device, as we had reported earlier.

That the Nillkin case showed off the top bezel was first reported by Slashleaks, which is more often than not on the mark. While there has been some debate over the actual design of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it must be remembered that phablet may actually have a larger top bezel given that the iris scanner will be lodged in it. The Samsung Galaxy S8 too had the iris scanner in its thinner top bezel.

So, we must wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to release officially before the design question is finally settled. We believe that a design closer to the Galaxy S8 devices is to be expected.

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