Alleged Samsung Galaxy S9 Pictures Show off Greater Screen-to-Body Ratio

One of the most talked-about devices of next year is the Samsung Galaxy S9. It is the direct successor to 2017’s flagship, the Galaxy S8. Now, we have already brought you some detailed news on the latest phone which is expected to make its debut in January next year alongside the Samsung Galaxy S9+ as well. In fact, we have been receiving news that the devices may launch at the next CES 2018, although they may not launch that early.

The latest news in town about the Samsung Galaxy S9 is that it will have a superior screen-to-body ratio of well over 90 percent. We have reported previously that the design philosophy of the latest device by the Korean giant had been leaked. The latest news comes to us via the Twitter account of the noted tipster Benjamin Geskin, which you can access here, and who has often been proven to be correct. It seems that the device in the picture boasts of an Infinity Display-like feature with a screen-to-body ratio of over 90 percent.

Samsung Galaxy S9
The leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S9

We cannot confirm whether the device shown in the picture is actually the Samsung Galaxy S9. There are certain changes in the bottom bezel as well, and it is apparently narrower than the one we see on the Galaxy S8. The top bezel is also significantly reduced and we can only make out the area reserved for the selfie camera, the sensors, and the earpiece.

Given the rumors, we can expect that the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9+ will appear taller when compared to the predecessors. Samsung will also look to incorporate the fingerprint scanner atop the display. Hopefully, we will witness this technology this time around. We expect that the latest flagship will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, which has already entered the phase of mass production.

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