OnePlus 5T Appears in Photos, Showcasing Thin Bezels

The latest batch of the photos of the much-anticipated OnePlus 5T has now arrived. They were taken in Paris and they show off the extremely thin bezels, a factor which we have spoken of consistently. Just under a day ago, we had informed you that the launch of the OnePlus 5T was now official. Given that the pictures have surfaced now, it does seem as if the company will be able to keep its date with the world: perhaps on November 16.

Though some other reports have suggested that the phone could have a delayed launch, as we have mentioned here.

The pictures arrived via PhoneArena and the Twitter account of the e-Sports player Alessandro Palmarini. You can clearly see someone is holding a handset which has really narrow bezels. We believe that this device is none other than the OnePlus 5T.

From what we could make out of the pictures, the phone will have the same size as the OnePlus 5. It will probably have a larger screen, as the bezels are much narrower. This will lead to the optical illusion that the display is actually bigger than it physically is. This has also led to one major change from the original OnePlus 5: there is a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner as opposed to the front scanner as there is a scarcity of space out front.

The picture appears to have been taken at the ongoing Paris Gaming Week which will end Sunday. The OnePlus 5 is also seen to the right-hand side of the man handling the phone. We had earlier covered the smartphone when it appeared with extremely thin bezels sometime ago. Given that this news has now been confirmed twice now, this is the only thing that has consensus among fans and experts alike. We believe that the OnePlus 5T will have a 6-inch AMOLED display. Stay tuned for more updates.

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