Entry Level Nokia 1 Android Oreo Go Edition Coming March 2018

Nokia is on a roll these last few days. After announcing several big-budget phones, including the Nokia 7 on which we reported yesterday, it seems that the company has decided to shed some light on the more humble devices. An entry-level phone called the Nokia 1 with the Android Oreo Go edition onboard is in the works and is likely to make landfall in March 2018.

These devices will be priced significantly lower than most comparable smartphones and will have less impressive specs too. It is certainly going to be launched in the emerging markets first.

Nokia 1 Android Oreo Go
Nokia 1 with Android Oreo Go

The news was first made public by a Russian journalist named Eldar Murtazin who posted a tweet that you can see on this page. Murtazin said that HMD Global, which has the rights to the Nokia brand name and which manufactures smartphones under this moniker, is working on a slightly budget-centric device lineup which will run the Android Go OS.

Some specs have also been thrown in for good measure. The Nokia 1 Android Oreo Go edition will likely have 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal/native storage while the device will boast an HD IPS display. Murtazin may also have revealed the possible cost of the handset. According to him, the device may well be priced at 5990 Rubbles, which is an amount translating to Rs. 6,550.

Besides Nokia, Huawei, which is the world’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer at this moment, is also working on a budget-centric smartphone lineup which will run on the Android Go OS. For the uninitiated, the Google Android Go was announced in May and is essentially meant to power low-end smartphones. It has been developed keeping in mind those devices which have a RAM of less than 1GB. At its heart, the Android Go is a watered down version of the company’s flagship Android mobile operating system. Nokia is also working on a 4G variant of the popular 3310 model.

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