Mysterious Vivo Phone with Flip-up Camera Spotted Yet Again

Vivo, the brand which originally started its journey in the tech industry with selfie-centric smartphones, is the same smartphone giant which some mammoth tech biggies now follow. Ever since the Vivo X20 Plus UD got showcased at the CES 2018, Vivo has been proved to be world’s first smartphone company to implement such an excellent technology like the under-display fingerprint reader. Only if Vivo was constant with its offering, then the mysterious Vivo phone wouldn’t have been spotted the second time.

The mysterious Vivo phone which was spotted a couple of days ago with excellent design language has appeared in the newer leaks, yet again with the flip-up camera. We earlier informed that this Vivo phone when showed off didn’t appear with a selfie camera instead, the phone features a sliding rear camera which in a way can work as a selfie cam. Additionally, the phone has been spotted with ultra-thin bezels sans the home button. The flip-up camera will appear as a selfie snapper when doubled up.

Mysterious Vivo Phone is Likely to Feature a Flip-up Rear Camera with the Presence of a Selfie Cam [Image Source]

While other eminent tech companies are struggling hard to incorporate the under-display fingerprint scanner, the mysterious Vivo phone comes with the same feature. Since Vivo is anticipated focussing on this mysterious Vivo phone with a sliding rear cam, one may expect the smartphone to be an excellent one when it launches. Not only is Vivo working on this mysterious phone, the brand also has been reported on developing the Vivo X20’s successor: the Vivo X30, some days back. The device is expected to come with an iPhone X-like notch. But whether or not the smartphone will arrive with the yet to be announced Snapdragon 670 processor, is yet to be seen. Also, the smartphone is expected to bestow a similar under-display fingerprint scanner technology alike to the recently launched Vivo X20 Plus UD.

There are little hints that Vivo‘s X30 might debut as the Vivo Xplay 7. But nothing has been confirmed until now, so for further updates, one may share this space with us.

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