WhatsApp for Android is Developing Locked Recording Feature: Reports

Year 2009 witnessed the entry of WhatsApp! Being the first of its kind, the instant messaging platform was introduced with bells and whistles, and very soon captured the lives of people +like us. From being the pioneer to killing the expense of SMS, to getting everyone onboard, WhatsApp has the snowball effect which connects millions of users on the platform. And with many a new feature that developers introduce every now and then, WhatsApp’s pinnacled popularity is just beating others with flying colors. New reports shed lights on an upcoming feature which the WhatsApp devs are to introduce on the Android platform very soon. What’s exciting is, WhatsApp for Android will be getting the locked recordings feature, but shortly.

Many of users like us have faced the trouble of long-tapping and holding the record button whenever aimed to send a voice message to recipients. Not all the time, but sometimes this is a cause of annoyance. With the latest report that emerged online, WhatsApp for Android users can say bid farewell to the very pesky situation where they have to long press the record button! Reports have rolled out a while ago through the WhatsApp update tracker blog, WABetaInfo where it indicates that The Facebook-owned platform is currently testing the locked record feature.

WhatsApp New Unsend Feature
WhatsApp will Soon Roll out New Feature for Android

WhatsApp is testing the beta versions 2.18.70 and 2.18.71 for Android. The Locked Recordings feature for the iOS users was made available last year, however, it did not make its way for Android. Expectations are high that this particular feature might get rolled out to all Android beta users by the end of this month, i.e., March. With the advent of this new feature, WhatsApp for Android users will be free from the issue of pressing and then holding the record button to send a voice message to someone.

In addition to the Locked Recordings feature, the company also is expected to test the preview recordings feature as well. The same feature will let fans take a preview of recordings ahead of actually sending it. The preview recordings feature might get rolled out to the app’s public beta version very soon, however, a specific timeline is yet to be revealed.

The last week’s report echoed that WhatsApp for iOS will soon get a new host of stickers alongside the ability to search the members of a particular group. Also, WhatsApp extended the Delete for Everyone feature’s deadline and now, instead of 420 seconds the feature has been extended to 4096 seconds for the purpose of deleting, however only for Android users. The same feature is also anticipated to get rolled out to iOS users too in the long run.

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