Remidi T8 – a new generation musical instrument

We all are born with a purpose. We all posses some or the other talent and are born to be something that can make us unique. All of us posses some or the other passion, that we love to be with. We definitely dream to live with our passion and make that the ultimate goal of our lives. Though the path that leads to the success of such dreams is not very easy, yet the best one. So, despite being only few people in the world who dare to chase their dreams, the path is the best one. This is because despite the road being rough, the success makes one feel the best. When our passion becomes the full time job, success takes you at the top. One such profession that needs passion and love for the work is music. So if you are a musician, you will understand the thing better. So now you must be thinking that what the long paragraph written above has to do with your passion. Well! Go through the article because the Remidi T8 is an all new way to take the wanna-be musicians closer to the dream.

The Remidi T8 features and uses

The Remidi T8 is actually a new wearable and is probably the only one of its kind. The main task of this wearable is to act as a MIDI controller. It comes in the format of a glove accompanied with a bracelet. It works according to you and your directions as that you give through the movement of your fingers. The MIDI controller makes your hand moves, rhythm and beats your instrument. It comes with 8 pressure sensitive sensors which lie at your palm and your fingers. This allows you to compose and play new sounds and also to remix new ones with the old ones or to impose anything on the same. With this sort of a gadget, one can modify music with just one tap and twist of your fingers and wrist.

Remidi T8 -- a new generation musical instrument

Now come the determinants of the elements of music that are considered when you make music. Those are determined by the time and length that you are taking while gesturing. It is also determined by the pressure you exert with your fingers. This actually works in synchronization with your laptop or PC, or any such gadget which you pair up this device with, for operation. As soon as you start gesturing, it sends data back to your laptop and creates the sound. All these happen within fraction of seconds. The Remidi controller features a color LED for feedback, an encoder switch to scroll through the note sets and two extra buttons for basic controls like pause, play, and record.

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As far as operations are concerned, the gadget works when synced with PC or laptop, but it can also work with an simple app that you can install on your smartphone. It lets you record music and store it at any place anywhere. Even if you are away from the studio, you can keep the music recorded that might suddenly pop up in your mind, if you have an access to this gadget. The battery of this device is of 110mAh and can give you support up to 7 hours. Another interesting thing is that one can simplify the charging system by using a very simple USB cable.  No more extra chargers and cables to carry with you between gigs and concerts.

Remidi T8 -- a new generation musical instrument

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So if the use of this gadget is the matter of concern, then seven hours are long enough for any party music or for DJs. On the other hand this takes only 30 minutes to get fully charged. So that was short span enough to get ready both for the gadget and the user just within the time. Well! It is a known fact that you are waiting eagerly to get your one at the hands very soon. So hurry up and pre order it for you by the end of this year. That is because, it is expected that the gadget is going to launch by September 2017.

Remidi T8 -- a new generation musical instrument

Wrap Up

So these were the rocking features that would be the next love of the stage rockers. From a huge piano to just a glove, music has travelled a long way along with technology. So now let’s wait to rock with the new generation musical instrument at our hands. For more updates regarding exciting gadgets like these stay in touch with Techvicity.

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