Apple iPhone SE 2 May Be Coming Early 2018

Apple is looking to follow the success of the original iPhone SE with the launch of the Apple iPhone SE 2, which will probably get released in quarter 1 of next year, 2018. The Apple iPhone SE was a cult favorite when it was launched because it combined the sensibilities of a developing market like India with Apple’s retinue of great features. We had earlier spotted the iPhone SE 2, then called the SE (2017) earlier.

The news comes to us from the China’s Economic Daily News, which you can access here, and it will be assembled wholly and exclusively by Wistron, which is a Taiwanese manufacturer. The assembly will happen at Apple‘s own Bengaluru manufacturing facility which has also manufactured the currently selling iPhone SE. The facility was started this year only and it also assembles the currently available iPhone SE devices.

So, what will the new Apple iPhone SE 2 have onboard? Well, it looks like the device will give the newly launched A11 Bionic chip, which has also been used by the iPhone 8, the 8 Plus and the iPhone X, a miss. We now believe that the Apple iPhone SE 2 will instead launch with the A10 chipset which is essentially an upgraded version of the A9 chipset that the original SE carried onboard.

Apple iPhone SE 2
The currently available Apple iPhone SE range

The other details are a touch sketchy. The new Apple iPhone SE 2 will have a lot of pretty decent features. It will carry the Touch ID sensor we first saw aboard the Apple iPhone 6S. As far as imaging is concerned, the new SE 2 may have a 12MP primary camera backed up by a 5MP selfie camera at the front. We are likely to have the same 4-inch display alongside two storage variants: 32GB and 128GB. Expect the Apple iPhone SE 2 to start with a price tag of $450. Stay tuned for more updates right here.

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