Apple iMac Pro Available for Purchase Starting December 14: Check Specs, Features, And Price

The long-awaited wait is finally here. The 2017 Apple iMac Pro is now finally set to be unveiled to the global consumer. Sales will start from December 14. This comes almost to a year after we had informed you that Apple’s CEO had promised ‘a unique experience’ come 2017. Starting from December 14, the device will be available for purchase from Apple’s website in the United States.

Apple has claimed that this is the most powerful Mac yet and is a must-have for working professionals around the world. It works on the MacOS platform and is widely hailed as one of the most powerful computers ever to have been made for the general public.

The new iMac Pro boasts up to 18-core Xeon processors. It also offers Turbo Boost capabilities of an astounding 4.5GHz and also offers up to 42MB cache. Apple has stated that it is a ‘lean and mean dream machine’ while also claiming that it will now allow video editors to edit 4K video without any hiccups. Musicians will also be able to create real-time audio effects while software developers can use the iMac Pro 2017 to build and develop new apps.

Apple iMac Pro 2017
The new Apple iMac Pro 2017

As far as the graphics power is concerned, the iMac Pro computer series boast Radeon Pro Vega GPUs that have 11 teraflops single precision as well as 22 teraflops half precision. This device will also be able to support 8GB or 16GB high bandwidth memory as well as 400GB/s memory bandwidth. The device also is capable of featuring up to a very decent 128GB of 2666MHz DDR4 ECC RAM which will help in the creation of next-generation Virtual Reality or VR-based content.

The new iMac Pro arrives with up to 4TB all-flash storage that, Apple claims, will be able to load any file, no matter how big the size is, in just a few seconds. This is due mainly to the 3GB/s throughput. Also onboard are four Thunderbolt 3 (or USB Type-C) ports, flanked by a 10Gb Ethernet port. The device also boasts a new speaker system as well as a 5K Retina display that boasts a stunning 500 nits of brightness across a gamut of 14.7 million pixels. Prices start at $4999.

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