Apple Might Discontinue Notch in 2019’s iPhones: Reports

Apple’s implementation of the notch in iPhone X was praiseworthy on numerous counts both critically and commercially. So this year getting iPhone X clones at the MWC 2018 wasn’t actually surprising. Now that Google has already launched Android P’s first developer preview, the tech industry is going gaga with this. But even if Android is a different platform name, we have Android phone makers who leave no stone unturned experimenting and blatantly copying the design of Apple’s iPhone. So whilst the tech companies are mimicking the iPhone X’s notch, Apple is simply planning to ditch it shortly.

Bidding adieu is the new strategy of Apple which is planning to incorporate a purely bezel-less phone and ditch the controversial notch. Reports suggest that the Cupertino tech conglomerate is gearing up to drop the notch on its iPhones which are slated for 2019. Regardless of this, there’s not much info. However, a report has cited a company source that has claimed Apple to make fully bezel-less phones in the year 2019 and that too the phone will come with the inclusion of the OLED display.

Apple iPhone 2018
Apple iPhone X’s Notch shall be Discontinued by the Company in 2019

As far as the iPhone screens are concerned, they would completely be filled in the front. Removing the notch does not mean Apple to drop the Face ID or front camera, the company is planning to keep both the Face ID as well as the front camera but the placement is yet to be known. There are possibilities that Apple may drill a hole in OLED panels or may use the Black Matrix area.

Renowned brands like LG, Huawei, ASUS are unabashedly copying iPhone X-like notch. At the MWC 2018, these companies were seen showcasing phones with the same notches. It would be worth mentioning that Google released the developer preview of Android P this week shows that it has finally embraced the notch, reports India Today. Android P will also support the notch cut out, the report further points out. As of now, we are left to see what new design will Apple come up in 2019. Stick to us for further updates.

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