The Coolest Crowdfunding Projects of the Week

Specter Sunglasses

Tired of the same old sunglass styles? Specter Sunglasses offer Japanese craftsmanship with their hand-assembled high-grade titanium frames as well as a never before seen “blackout” lens designed by a Stanford biomechanical engineer. Choose between frames Specter Veil, a classic silhouette with a low-profile design, or the Specter Valor, constructed entirely of high-grade titanium, featuring this season’s most sought after flat-lens look. Pair with the proprietary blackout lenses or polarized/standard smoke lenses. Lenses also available for prescriptions.

Specter Sunglasses Indiegogo Campaign

HONGi Mattress

HONGi is a premium, personalized mattress built to your needs. By taking a 3-minute quiz, HONGi customers can design the mattress of their dreams and have it delivered right to their door with no cost to ship. The mattress boasts an 11” depth for maximum comfort and it can be designed for the individual or couples, with each side being completely customizable. If customers aren’t happy with their design, HONGi offers a 100-day trial as well as the ability to switch up your mattress at any point in time.

HONGi Indiegogo Campaign

Xchime Doorbell

Video doorbells are all the rage these days, but Xchime is an affordable winner with some handy add-ons. Xchime uses motion sensor technology and combines that with 1080p HD live streaming capabilities so users know who is at their door at any time of day and can respond instantly via smartphone, tablet, or PC. As soon as Xchime senses motion, it begins recording and storing the footage in a cloud for potential future use. Add-ons include a motion-sensor smart light bulb and garage door opener.

Xchime Indiegogo Campaign

Fuze Card

With years of development experience and technological expertise, BrilliantTs is the first team to successfully bring a functional smart card product to life. Fuze card can store up to 30 credit, debit, membership, and loyalty cards onto one encrypted chip, and it works anywhere traditional plastic cards are accepted, supporting Magstrip, EMV, NFC, and barcode cards. The campaign has thus far been a huge successful, raising over $672,000 with plenty of time left.

Fuze Card Indiegogo Campaign


Spectra Electric Skateboard

The Spectra is the “Tesla of Electric Skateboards,” and the first to be equipped with a self-learning 3D posture control system, where speed and turns are sensed by the user’s movement. The more the user rides, the more SPECTRA understands their behavior and riding preferences. This series of sensors, an integrated gyroscope, and a differential speed motor control and electromagnetic ABS braking module that belongs in an electric car, makes SPECTRA exceptionally user-friendly. Anyone can hop on and learn to ride in under five minutes.


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