Apple iPhone 8 May Have a 512GB Storage Variant, Launch Pegged For September 12

If the latest news and rumors are to be believed, the next-generation Apple iPhone 8 may have a variant with a huge 512 GB of internal storage. We are also looking at a tentative launch date: September 12. The iPhone 8 is the latest handset from Apple and is powered by the A11 chip, which we had reported on earlier. The iPhone 8 may also have a great list of specs and features and stands its own against the likes of the just-launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8, as our face-off had shown earlier.

So, in effect, we are looking at two separate pieces of news as far as the new iPhone 8 is concerned. One is the release date and the other is the variant with the 512GB of native storage. We shall look at these reports separately.

Apple iPhone 8
The new Apple iPhone 8. Image representative.

First off, the launch date. This report by Mac4Ever states that the launch date of the Apple iPhone 8 is likely to be September 12. This means that Apple has finally woken up to the challenge posed by giant rivals like Samsung and LG. Also, the new device will dump, once and for all, the Touch ID feature, as there was no time for this feature to be featured.

 Should the leak turn out to be accurate, three new iPhones will go on pre-order this year on September 15 with the release date set for September 22.

We now come to the 512GB variant. According to this report by Techtastic, the new flagship device will have three storage variants: 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. Of these, the 64GB/256GB chips will be manufactured by Toshiba and SanDisk. The 512GB chip will be sourced from the likes of Samsung and Hynix.

The enhanced capacity will be in demand since the users will use 4K videos in abundance. These videos require a sizeable space. Also, since the new Apple iPhone 8 will feature 3D sensing abilities, more space will naturally be needed.

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