LG V30 Plus Could Debut Alongside the LG V30: Reports

The LG V30, the latest flagship in LG’s ‘V’ series, will release soon. Now, we are getting reports that a new variant will also make landfall alongside it. Called the LG V30 Plus, the new variant will be aimed at providing direct competition to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is also releasing soon. The LG V30 Plus will have more premium features when compared to the original V30 and will also have a heftier price tag.

LG V30 Plus
LG V30 Plus, a variant of the V30, will release soon

This report by ETNews, which is a Korean tech site known for its accurate reading of the entire technology industry, reports that the LG V30 Plus could be released on September 15 in order to better compete against the Samsung offering. This means that while both the LG V30 and the V30 Plus will launch on August 31 at the IFA 2017 in Berlin, the latter device will start sales two weeks later in South Korea. Three separate Korean network service providers will host the device.

LG V30 Plus Specs and Features

The LG V30 Plus is a more upmarket offering compared to the traditional LG V30, on which we have reported extensively, including on its dual rear cameras, the floating bar which has replaced the secondary display we saw on the preceding V20 device, and the Bang & Olufsen audio which will be on board. Compared to the V30’s 64GB, the V30 Plus will have 128GB of native or on board storage. Also, the new LG device will support wireless battery charging which will aid in mobility.

The LG V30 Plus is also expected to retain the same Bang and Olufsen audio feature which will also be on board the LG V30. Other similarities, or, for that matter, differences, with the traditional V30 is yet unknown. We do know that the new LG V30 Plus will retail for 1 million KRW, roughly equivalent to Rs 56,206. This price tag is noticeably higher than the LG V30, which will retail for 800,000 KRW or around Rs 44,965.

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